Your Session in Love 

Free your Energy – Free your Life – its-that-easy. Release your judge upon everything that seems to be wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. Your condition is not wrong, It is only an expression of how your Energy is flowing. 

The purpose with your session is to clear you from toxins deriving from physical or emotional blockages residing in your energy field. 

This is how I work:
I work only at night-time between 8PM – 23PM to make sure we have the best of energies. You can book your appointment through my booking system. I only work Mondays through Fridays. You select your wished day of appointment, and I will get back to you with the time schedule. 

This is what we do:
I place you on a bed with pillows and blanket in a gently heated room and a little light by your side. Then I start to work with my hands in your energy field and in your aura. I then place my hands onto your body to integrate the power of my hands down into the cellular structures of your physical system. I finish your session by sitting next to you either silently or in dialogue or sound with you. I work between 1-3 hours with you according to the availability of trust and permittance in your over-all system. There is no fixed method or any structural programing. Only what is opened in our collective energy field and wishes to come into form is what ultimately drives the work. It is no a sexual work, but the intensity of Energy transferred will naturally open in your sexual organs to flow energy through them. As this is a session of Love – the purpose is also to Enjoy what ever happens in your body. 

After a session I always advice you to take time out to yourself, to integrate the information allowing you to communicate with your own body. Perhaps schedule your time so you can take the next day of from work or at least create a safe and sacred space where you can fully reside. That way you benefit most from the session and activation of the release.

The session can be used as a support system to build your energy levels and to help you get in line with your element of Joy and ease by which every other good thing naturally flows:)

Each session is unique and experiences can be very different. For some its a great ease of mind and a feeling of being unloaded and unprogrammed. Others feel deep relief from emotional or physical pain. Strong emotional patterns can be shortly re-inforced as a result of your session but serves only as a means of its own healing. No matter the outcome, any outcome has its own beauty, rare and invigorating for your-being. 

Who you might be:
Anyone male or female who knows in their gut they could need some guidance and a ready to commit to my Energy. If you a reading this, this is a Call to you, but it’s up to you to reply.

What you might be experiencing right now: Blocked Energy, Sadness, Grief, Anxiety, Anger, Confusion, Loneliness, A longing to feel connected, to attached yourself to the Energy of Love. Point of the matter is, you do not feel in Energetic Balance and you wish to retrieve yourself back into Balance but dont quite know how and where to start. Join the Balance party and don’t be hard on yourself. We have all been there at some point. Relax, you are fine, everything is just fine. Small twisting, and you will be running your energy engines again very soon. 

To make sure every body can get help and not be blocked by limiting constraints of finances I have put a minimum pay of 350 DK KR for your session. This should be easy to find for almost anyone in this Country. 

Normally I only work one-two session with you in this way. Afterwards you are welcome to connect to other parts of my work by signing up for my newsletter information in the top.


I work in Copenhagen in Copenhagen until late November 2014 – if you wish to receive this help. If you have any questions, concerns or specific needs at the moment you can always contact me prior to booking.



Wishing you the greatest of Life,  Peace Power Love and Chills for all good things to come your way …


Tell all your friends about this !

You can make them happy and of course you do that already, but now you can do it even More !  

Free yourself – Free others !! 

Simple matters – Easy does it 

! Have faith my friend ! 

You are on the Path of LOVE  

♥          YOU         ♥

Be Un judged. Allow Love. NOW 

Oh by the way. who I am? No one in particular. Just a human like yourself – on the Path of Love. When you meet me you will know who I am. No story. 


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